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The below Links may be self help resources.

Tennessee Administrative Offices of the Courts
                            (go to self help box)
                             Information on the law, rules, courts, forms, etc.

Department of Human Services
                             Child support calculator, rules, guidelines.

Nashville Circuit Court Clerk contact info
                             Contact info and forms

Williamson County info  
                            Contact info and forms

Find A Lawyer
                          Find contact information on Tennessee attorneys.

It depends on you.  How serious is your case?  How important is your case?  You are entitled to go to court without an attorney.  No one can make you have an attorney.  
As an attorney when I have a case in a new court I like to go ahead of time and see what it is like.  I can't imagine what it is like to go into court and have no idea what is going on, what is about to happen or what should I do next.  So, what do you do for a living?  Computer repair, farming, electrical work, plumbing, etc are all things that I can do but probably not up to codes and probably not very well.  How about if I come to your house and wire it or put in a new toilet, how bad can it be?  The house may burn down or you may end up with the bowl backing up on to the floor.  You do not want me to do any of these things because you do not know what I can do for you, it is not how I spend my day and it is not my profession.  Why would you go to court and be your own attorney, it is not how you spend your day and it is not your profession.  It is a different world from where you live.  It may not be right but it is the way it is.  You do not have to hire us but if your case is important to you seriously consider getting an attorney.
It depends on you.  How serious is your case?  How important is your case?

You may be entitled to a court appointed attorney.   Check it out before you say no.